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Helping business sellers and buyers achieve Win-Win.

Buy a Business

So you have decided that you want to be your own boss. Or maybe you are growing your business through acquisition. We will help you find the best business that fits you!

Plan Your Exit

Your business is in essence, your "401k plan."  We will help you to know it's value, to grow it's value, and when the time is right, to sell it for the maximum value.

Sell a Business

Over the years you have worked hard to create "sweat equity" in your business and you are ready to cash out. We will help you to sell on your timing, terms and value.

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Video Media

No matter whether you are a business buyer, doing exit planning, or planning to sell, see our pages about determining the value of a business.

Featured Listing

The Boom'er Bust Business Breakfast Workshop in Greenville SC

Are you beginning to consider how you will pass your business along to your child, partner or a new business owner and experience the joy of business freedom? Do you wish to get the maximum value, pay the minimum amount of taxes, protect your family and business interest, and live the rest of your life on what's left? If you identify with these feelings you are not alone! The Upcoming Boom'er Bust Business Breakfast Workshop will focus on the theme: Am I Prepared to Sell My Business? There will be 1.5 packed hours