Heating and Controls Business for Sale in the Carolinas

Business Summary If you are good with electrical and electro-mechanical products and design, this may be a good fit for you. In business for over 2 decades, this company has been providing a great income to the owner. The business maintained its sales even during the economic turn down. An energetic business owner could grow […]

Beach Property Maintenance Business for Sale

Business Summary Work 8 hours a week at the beach and make over $50,000. This profitable property maintenance business has been providing the owners a great income since the business was started less than 3 years ago, with average hours approximately 8 hours a week. With services that include inspections, lawn care, pest control, handyman […]

High Profit Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Service in Upstate SC

Business Summary Are you good with accounting and taxes and want to make over $130,000 a year? If so this may be the business for you. This successful bookkeeping and tax preparation business has been providing the owner more than $100,000 profit for many years. Bookkeeping income is over $8,000 a month. With a specialty […]

Why Your Business Won’t Sell!

Business Opportunity in Upstate Carolina: The Perfect Business and Tips for a Fast Sale Why Your Business Won’t Sell What are the odds of your business actually selling once you have made the decision to sell? Well, if the annual sales of your business are $750,000 or less, research indicates that the odds of your […]

Is it the Right Time to Sell?

Best Buy Business Opportunity in Upstate Carolina: Determining the Right Time to Sell “Whatever the reason, there should be something other than dollars that motivates you to explore a sale. After all, if it weren’t more valuable to own the business than to sell it, no one would ever buy it.” Mike Sharp, M&A Today

Business Acquisition Search Engagement

Would you like professional representation on a search for an existing business that is not on the market? Business Aquisition Search Engagement or B.A.S.E. is our proprietary business acquisition process that increases the chances of buyer success by 70%. We target specific industries on behalf of our clients. We find companies that best fit your […]

Ten Ways to Prepare Your Business For Sale by Alan Melton

Ideally, you should have an exit plan the day you start your business. If you have not done that, start working on your exit plan 3 to 10 years in advance of selling your company. The completion of a sale can take over a year, so keep that in mind as you plan your exit […]

Ten Mistakes That Sellers Make: Avoid these Mistakes!

1. Not knowing what the business should sell for. One of the most costly errors a business owner can make is not knowing the approximate price of his or her business prior to entering the selling process. Although the marketplace ultimately determines the final price, an owner needs to know what the approximate price his […]

Buying Your Own Lifestyle in Upstate SC

How about a quaint bookstore in a small village? Or maybe a lovely country inn nestled in the mountains? Perhaps a travel agency–with all those great trips–might sound appealing. Buying a business, no matter what it is, is also buying a lifestyle. What better time to make a lifestyle change than when one is considering […]

Why use a CBI Professional?

Do thoughts of selling your business ever cross your mind? As a business owner you certainly know that the day will come when you will walk away from your company’s operations. Selling your business will likely be one of the biggest decisions of your business life.