Why use a CBI Professional?

Do thoughts of selling your business ever cross your mind? As a business owner you certainly know that the day will come when you will walk away from your company’s operations. Selling your business will likely be one of the biggest decisions of your business life.

Selling Your Business? Why you should use a Business Broker!

Any business owner who has sold a business can tell you that it’s a long, tedious and stressful process. It consumes time and distracts you from the day to day operation of the business. When your focus should be on maintaining or increasing the value of your business, all of your time and energy is […]

Knowing Your Business Value- Interview With DaySpa Magazine

Below is an interview of Alan Melton with Empire Business Brokers by Chelan David of DaySpa Magazine. Although these questions are for the DaySpa industry, most of the answers are pertinent to all businesses. Chelan: Why is it important for a dayspa owner to determine the worth of their business?

Alan Melton From Upstate SC, Tells Business Story

Banker Turned Me Down At 26 years of age, I decided to take the plunge into business ownership. After leaving the Upstate and managing a car rental company in Orlando, one afternoon I met after work with my future business partner, a sales rep for the same company. We complained about all the company policies […]

Geri Wyatt, a Successful Serial Restauranteur

After starting four restaurants over the past years, Geri Wyatt has earned the designation “Successful Serial Restauranteur” by Empire Business Brokers, LLC. With the support and assistance from her husband Frazier, she took the step of faith and became a business owner in the Upstate in the 1980’s. She has never looked back.

Dispelling a Buyer Myth

Most prospective business buyers really don’t know from the outset the exact type of business they want to buy. Experienced business brokers and intermediaries know that many business buyers end up with what is sometimes a far cry from what first captured their imagination.

Buy a Business That You Will Love by Alan Melton

After coaching business buyers and owners for over a decade now, some things have become clear about what it takes to own a business that you will love. I’m not kidding. You really can love your work!

Margaret Collier, An Artistic Entrepreneur

The Early Days Margaret Collier is an entrepreneur who combined her love of art and framing with her business acumen to create a successful business. An artist herself, Margaret accepted a position in a local frame shop in Easley, South Carolina. The owner personally trained Margaret, and she worked as manager of the shop for […]