Reviews From Business Buyers

“Recently I purchased a business with the help of Alan Melton with Empire Business Brokers. I thought his work was excellent. He did a good job of prequalifying buyers prior to conveying confidential information about the business. During the buying process Alan did a fantastic job of conveying information from the business owner to me. He was very good at responding to me promptly with information that accurately represented the business. But later when it was clear that the transaction was going to happen, he allowed us to communicate directly which gave me a greater comfort level in buying the business. When we faced obstacles with the bank, with one of the seller’s customers and with the attorneys Alan was able to keep the process moving forward. I would highly recommend Alan to anyone who wants to buy or sell a business.” Scott Campell, President, Edwards Piping


“I recently purchased a business with the assistance of Alan Melton of Empire Business Brokers, LLC. Alan was responsive and customer service focused as well as knowledgeable of the selling process. The information that was provided to me was a fair representation of the business that I purchased. In an effort to overcome a buyer/seller impasse, Alan was open-minded to creative thinking and was solution oriented. He stayed involved and active in the entire process until the transaction was consummated. I recommend Alan as a resource for business buyers and sellers.” Adam Shirley, President, Legal Eagle


“I wanted to share with you that Alan Melton assisted my wife and I in achieving our lifelong dream of owning our own business. We began to work with Alan and his team when we felt that the Lord was leading us to own our own business. They were very instrumental by making our dream their own. Through numerous obstacles, they persevered and now we are the owners of our own business. I would not only recommend Alan and his team but I would add that if in the future I was to seek out another acquisition I would not hesitate in reaching out to him once again for assistance. He is a man of high integrity and excellent work ethic.” Angel, President and CEO, Medical Research Clinic


“The agents at Empire Business Brokers honestly and accurately presented the business that we purchased. Since the purchase price was more than one million dollars, we were happy that Craig provided the information that we needed, but he never pressured us to move forward. Although Empire was representing the seller, we were comfortable discussing sensitive issues. You don’t find that very often in today’s business world. The biggest thing I think was they always try to do the right thing; they are knowledgeable, fair, and have character and integrity.”JoAnn and Glenn, New Owners, Magnolia Manor


“”As a buyer of a Pest Control Company I had a very good experience with Alan Melton of Empire Business Brokers. They provide a good quality service; I didn’t worry about things not being done. Their communication was timely, and although this transaction was small, Alan was always interested and involved. During the negotiations Alan was able to mitigate problems being escalated and to provide solutions and which kept my stress levels down. There was no embellishment of the information being provided; I was confident in the representations of the business I was buying.” Ben Downard, President, Action Pest Services


“”When we contacted your broker with Empire, he introduced us to the process and to several businesses for sale. He was very professional and straightforward. The transaction was handled with care; we were provided the information that we needed and he allowed us to make an independent decision. Craig kept in touch with us throughout the transaction. All of the important factors were addressed in the contract. Empire put their best foot forward throughout the transaction; very nice job!” David L, New Owner, Cafeteria


“As new, prospective business owners located in the sunbelt, we had general ideas about what we wanted to do but had no idea how to approach the beginning processes associated with business purchase and ownership. We sought and found in Alan Melton at Small Business Coach & Associates excellent counsel based on his own business experience as well as the ability to network through him and meet other professionals that have helped us a great deal in the pursuit of our business venture.” Donna and Eric, Owners, Restaurant


“Thank you for a professional job. We had been looking for a business for over a year and a half. Most of the businesses we looked at with other brokers were overpriced. We had looked at everything from franchises to new start ups and existing businesses. Craig Reimer was knowledgeable about the businesses that you represent. You valued the business correctly and marketed it attractively.”
Alan and Vasilka, New Owners, Art Gallery and Frame Shop


“”It was recently my pleasure to work with Alan and the Empire staff in a business acquisition. Thanks to their professionalism and hard work, our purchase was streamlined to meet the needs of both parties and the transaction process went very smoothly. I am very satisfied with the results and look forward to future opportunities to work with Alan in expanding our business.” J. V., Managing Member, Property Partnership, LLC


“Thank you for helping me to purchase my practice. Your coach introduced me to new thoughts and ideas, and held me accountable to my plans. I liked the goals, vision and mission statement homework- it helped me to focus. I would highly recommend this coach to my peers; he was personable, and his approach was organized and targeted.” Debbie, Professional Practice Buyer