Reviews From Business Sellers


“Alan, we want to thank you for helping us navigate the sale of our business. After interviewing other business brokers and also considering trying to sell it ourselves, it was clearly the right choice to select you for the job. Through the process I learned that it takes more than reading a book on the subject to be prepared for the issues that can arise. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering buying or selling a business. I was very pleased with how you handled things as we went through the phases of pricing the business, qualifying prospects, orchestrating calls and meetings, dealing with legal and financial concerns to the final closing. Your professionalism, integrity and experience are really what we were looking for when selecting a business broker. Best of luck in the future,” 
Building Controls Company
“When you own your own business, it is difficult to accept an outsider’s observations but Alan was able to present both criticisms and suggestions in a logical form for me. Once my personal resistance was overcome I was able to embrace recommended changes and successfully grow my business profits. With Alan’s guidance, I was even able to sell the business on my terms. ” 
Former Owner, Plant Nursery
“”Alan Melton did a great job of representing my business for sale. Shortly after I listed the business he had some prospective buyers lined up to meet with. His marketing brought a good stream of prospects throughout the process and new buyer meetings continued until we came to terms with a buyer. Alan kept me informed of inquiries and then when we came to terms with the person who bought my business, he facilitated the process and kept me abreast of the progress. His services are professional and ethical and I recommend him to anyone who wants to sell their business.” 
Johnny Edwards,
Founder of Edwards Piping
“Kelly and I had the pleasure of working with Alan Melton at Empire Business Brokers in selling our Ultrasound Practice. Alan did a great job of facilitating the process from the initial consultation to the final transaction. He helped us to establish a value for our business and then confidentially marketed our business for sale. Over several months Alan worked with a number of prospective buyers who did not have industry experience and were not comfortable with moving forward. Although I was ready to reduce the price, Alan encouraged me to stand firm. He found a buyer who was ready to make a move and we agreed on a price that added a substantial amount to the sale. He kept the two parties(the buyer and us the sellers) on track to complete the transaction in a short period of time. This alleviated frustration on both sides.” 
Don Garner,
Former Owner, Ultrasound Co.
Alan was very professional from the first day we listed till we finally sold the business. Alan marketed the business and communicated with nearly 100 prospective buyers. I have to say I did not expect the sale to take as long as it did. However my profits after listing the business for sale dropped from over $100,000 a year to $33,000 due to the political climate. Nevertheless Alan brought a total of 3 offers that I accepted but 2 of the buyers walked away for different reasons prior to closing. When all was said and done I believe the final sale has been good for all. I would recommend Alan to anyone interested in exiting their business. Rich Lovely: 
Rich Lovely:
Former Owner The Firing Line LLC
“After deciding to sell our company we contracted with Alan Melton who gave the proper advice and coaching that we would need to pursue this. Through the course of last few months Alan set up the path that we wanted to follow. I received excellent coaching and excellent advice from him. We consider this business sale to be an excellent outcome for all concerned. The primary thing that we were looking for was to maintain our employees’ jobs. This was important since my father, who was the founder of the business passed away 15 months ago. Our overall goal was to make this company something that would’ve been respectable for my dad. I cannot say that was not a little nerve-racking for all of us. But everything went extremely well. We feel like Empire performs one of the best brokerage and coaching services you can find in this area.” 
Former President, Textile Distribution Co
“Alan before I met you, I had thoughts about selling my business or a portion of it. I had spoken with a couple of other business brokers, who after finding out several details about my business, told me that they weren’t really interested because they felt it wasn’t particularly “sellable” given the business facts and figures. After my wife passed away in August, I approached you about doing what others had said probably couldn’t be done. Very soon after signing with you, I began to hear from you about potentially interested people in the business. In just a very few weeks, a portion of my business sold to one of my competitors for what I believe was a fair price. Throughout the entire process, you kept me informed and helped guide me to the final sale. I appreciate your hard work and effort and above all your professionalism and support as I went through this process. I consider you a good friend and a very capable business associate. Thanks again and God bless.” 
Former Owner, Home Medical Company
“A couple months ago I hired Alan Melton with Small Business Coach & Associates. I came to him because I was unsure about staying in my business. As a result of the downturn in the construction industry my revenues had declined over the last three years by 70%. I had been forced to reduce my personal income and I was ready to get rid of my business. I didn’t see much growth going on; I felt like I was stuck in the mud. Now that I have been working with Alan for the last couple months, my whole mindset has changed. Our business is moving in the right direction. I am very optimistic about growth opportunities in this market. Alan is showing me ways to immediately improve my income, and how to grow my business. Now I am very excited about the future. I believe all businesses can benefit from his service.” 
Owner, Plumbing Co
“Every aspect of my transaction was handled by Empire morally, ethically, and in a professional manner. The negotiation was conducted in a manner that kept my best interests at the forefront. Every lead was followed aggressively until the very end. The selling price of my business was significantly above average.” 
Former Pest Control Company Owner
“”Alan is a highly experienced and successful business person with a deep understanding of business brokering, business growth and acquisitions. Working with Alan has always been a very rewarding experience. I highly recommend Alan, not only for his business acumen but also for his integrity.” 
Matt Chapman,
President, Data Consulting
“I’m very pleased with the services I received from Empire Business Brokers. They put many buyers in front of me. They have been professional and business like in all of their dealings with me and these buyers. They were aggressive negotiators for my benefit. I highly recommend Empire to anyone wishing to sell their business.” 
Former Architectural Company Owner
“Alan at Empire Business Brokers helped a potential partner and I merge our businesses. Though it ultimately did not work out with the other partner, Alan coached us through that process with great integrity, creativity and guidance. He really focused on helping to get us on the same page with our thoughts. Thanks Alan.” 
CPA Firm Owner
“I have to say that it has been a very smooth transaction. I always felt like you were representing me. You have been very professional; every question I had was given an adequate answer. You always got back to me regarding my concerns. It has been a pleasant experience.” 
Former Owner, Professional Services Company
“Alan Melton is a professional in every sense of the word. I have known Alan for seven years and have worked with him on a number of business acquisitions and dispositions involving commercial real estate. He knows his business well and is a trusted associate and advisor. As a result of my good relationship with Alan, we became partners in a speculative commercial investment a few years ago. I rely heavily on Alan for his business advice and guidance.” 
Rodger Willoughby,
Co-Owner, Commercial Realty Co
“You are one of the nicest companies I have ever worked with. Your associates have been gracious, helpful and very polite. I can tell you that from the time I met you, I felt good about your company. You helped me sell my business for just the amount that I wanted. I would recommend you to anyone, and have already recommended you to some of my clients.” 
Former Owner, Tax Service
We enjoyed working with Empire Business Brokers. I was impressed with the agents at Empire, after talking with other brokers. You were more personable, you were sincerely interested in my business, and in finding a buyer for us. You helped us to establish a fair price, and sold the business within five months, which was good for us. Your agents are Christians and we know we can trust you.” 
Mr. and Mrs. Colliers,
Former Owners, Art Gallery and Framing Shop
“I have worked with Alan in many capacities, as a service provider and as a client and I was able to get to know many of the employees in his company. He always created a great work environment for the employees which manifested into good moral and ultimately great service to the customers. Alan is a very personable man with the highest integrity and is an expert at making businesses successful.” His top qualities include: Great Results, Personable, and High Integrity. 
Joy Schultz,
Independent Consultant
“I have had the pleasure of hearing Alan Melton speak on several occasions. 

“Empire Business Brokers and Alan Melton represented our company with the highest amount of professionalism and integrity. Alan’s wealth of business knowledge and core understanding of market conditions was an asset to our company. I would recommend Empire to anyone needing representation in all business transactions.” 

He is a terrific speaker and really knows how to keep his audience engaged. His topics are always relevant to what is going on in the business world and one always leaves with fresh ideas on how to make his/her business better. It is obvious that Alan really knows and loves what he does and is very happy to share what he has learned along the way. It would be an honor to have him back to speak again anytime.” 
Real Estate Services
“We were very satisfied with the excellent service from Empire Business Brokers in selling our Cafeteria; you were truthful and “upfront” with us about the selling process. Your agents are men of God; we had strong trust in you and your advice. Throughout the listing process your associates were very personable and professional. We liked working with you and Craig; you brought us great prospective buyers and sold our business in a timely manner.” 
Geri and Frazier,
Former Owners, Geri’s Cafeteria
“We would like to thank Empire Business Brokers for a great job in selling our business. We previously had our Bed & Breakfast listed with two different brokers for over two years. The previous brokers only brought one unqualified buyer to look at our business during that time. The professionals at Empire valued our business and raised the asking price by $200,000, and then brought a buyer within 3 weeks. Empire Business Brokers was able to facilitate a SBA loan and close the transaction in less than 3 months from the day our business was listed! Thanks for finding us and the buyers.”
 Ilene and Steve,
Former Owners, Magnolia Manor Inn & Conference Center
“Selling my business through Empire Business Brokers has been a very good experience. It happened more quickly than I expected. You have exceeded my expectations.” 
Former Owner, Tax Practice
“Your associate with Empire Business Brokers sold our business promptly with the right match. Considering the market, we were happy with the offer and quick sell. Your associate was very professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Empire Business Brokers to anyone wishing to buy or sell a business.” 
Former Owner, Better Homes and Bargains
“I have worked with Alan with several of my business owner clients. Alan’s expertise with helping the business owner maximize their business and ultimately sell to another party is very valuable. Alan’s integrity and character show through in his efforts to serve his clients. I would recommend Alan and his services.” 
President, Financial Planning Co
“”Your agent at Empire Business Brokers of Upstate South Carolina was instrumental in facilitating the sale of my business assets to a qualified buyer. Their staff helped me to place a value on my business, while advising me to personally retain the proceeds of the sale, rather than to use some of the funds for capitalizing a new corporation. The professionals at Empire helped me to evaluate potential buyers and partners in my new business venture. Your agent did a great job of facilitating negotiations and securing a fair price for my goodwill. Additionally, Empire assisted me in developing a capital budget for me in a new business venture. The expertise of Empire Business Brokers was invaluable in negotiations, facilitating and structuring our business transaction. I would recommend Empire Business Brokers to anyone who is buying, selling or restructuring a business.” 
President Brannon & Creech
“Words can’t adequately describe how satisfied I am with your service. You are very professional, experienced and business-like. You integrity is without question; you are honest and “above board.” You have a compelling desire to satisfy your clients.” 
Former Owner, Tax Practice
“I want to express my appreciation to you in helping me to sell my business. You and your associates worked really hard with marketing my business for sale, screening prospective buyers, and showing the business to qualified buyers. You successfully secured a buyer for my business, and recommended excellent professionals who were very helpful with you to guide the process through closing. In a nutshell, it has worked out very well.
Over the past few months you have kept helping me. Your counsel, support and encouragement gave me the strength to go through the process of selling my business. My wife has also appreciated your prayers and support during the loss of a family member and during her recovery from surgery. It has been a pleasure working with you. I will recommend you to my friends who are business owners.”
Former Owner, Welcome Cleaners
“”Empire Business Brokers and Alan Melton were professional, prompt and courteous. We enjoyed working with Alan to sell our business. Quick sell with three offers. What more can I say? I highly recommend Alan and Empire to market and sell your business.””
Former Owner, Turtle Parfait
“We want to thank Empire Business Brokers for helping us to sell our business in less than 3 months. The business is a tool and die maker in the textile industry. You gave us good suggestions about preparing our business for sale, and brought a qualified buyer to us quickly. Your agent was very nice and helpful. He called and checked back with us many times.” 
Bobby and Fran,
Former Owners, Carolina Textile