Coaching, Exit Planning And Valuation

Reviews From Coaching and Valuation Clients

“Several years ago we had a very poor experience with a consulting firm that charged us a lot of money and did not deliver any significant results. This made us hesitant to hire another coach. However your firm was the exact opposite. Our business grew from $700,000 to $1,400,000 in revenues from 2010 to 2011, but our cash flow was worse than before. I was stressed out as I realized how volatile our cash position could be.

We asked you to come in and perform a business assessment for us. You were very tactful as you interviewed us and our employees. Everyone was at ease and felt relaxed through the process. You identified over $200,000 per year in additional profits for our business and we decided to implement over $170,000 per year of your findings for now. We’ve been very pleased with your results! I have recently been sleeping better at night as a result of your coaching. We highly recommend your services to business owners who are looking to improve their business.” 
George and Angie,
Owners, Interior Design Co
“Before calling Alan, my work schedule was filled, but revenues and cash flow weren’t growing proportionately – in short, I was becoming unhappy with my financial situation, I missed my family and felt burnout after only a year and half of self-employment running a bookkeeping service.

After one consulting session with Alan I gained the confidence and tools to collect 49% of my aging A/R balance. After our second consulting session, we had the beginnings of a business plan that unveiled a 20% increase in revenues (before adding new business). I needed a mentor and found it! I wholeheartedly recommend Alan!” 
Owner, Snappy Bookeeping & Office Solutions
“Alan Melton provides needed resources for business owners. We have been using his business evaluations for our clients, and our clients have been very pleased with his very thorough 30+ page report with 8 evaluation models. His business evaluations are an incredible value. Prior to using Alan we paid $5,000 to $6,000 for business evaluations and up to $15,000 for a business evaluation with market research.

Business owners have the vast majority of their wealth invested in their business. It is critical that you know the value of your business. This is even more important when business owners are 3 to 4 years from retiring. Knowing the value of your business is the first step to growing your business value. Then you can get coaching from Alan or if you are a manufacturer, from the SCMEP. Start early to work on your business; don’t wait until some event forces you to sell when the value is not there.” 
Chuck, CEO,
Manufacturer Consulting Organization
“Alan helped me define realistic goals for my business and to define and implement a strategy to meet those goals. Since that time, we have experienced significantly increased revenue and profit and our path forward is clearly established.” 
CEO, Technical Publications Co.
“In choosing someone to work with that could help me map out the path to the vision that I see for my company I interviewed several potential business coaches.

The reason that I chose Alan Melton because he took the time to hear me. He really got what I wanted to accomplish and had a great deal of insight into how to get me there. He did not try to fit my business and myself into some box that would make me uncomfortable.

Alan is always calm and willing to listen, even if I find myself ranting about something. Thanks Alan!” 
CEO, Skin Care Company
“After just one meeting with Alan, he had developed and discussed innovative ideas that were very realistic and little or no cost to BCA to implement a marketing and growth strategy.”
Business Chaplain
“Alan has been working with me to set and meet aggressive goal for my company. He’s even gotten my employees on board with my vision, and I’ve had problems with them in the past. After several “false starts” I’m finally taking my business to its potential, and I would like to see my clients do the same. He helped me identify $20,000 in unmade sales (services people wanted but we didn’t offer to them and they didn’t know we could provide) and another $25,000 in missed revenues due to underpricing certain services. We also found a way to change our process for preparing returns that cut the turnaround time by 30%.” 
Owner, CPA Firm
“Thank you so much Alan. I can’t tell you how much your coaching has blessed my life! Truly I know I would not be enjoying my life nearly as much as I am because of the many changes you helped me make. It all seems rather miraculous to me now. I thank Providence for the life coaching I received at a crucial time in the start up of my business. The wisdom and experience of Alan Melton as a coach combined with the connections he provided were key to turning my dreams into reality. His focus, encouragement and ongoing support have led me to take big steps in the right direction. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to everyone I know.”
Healing Artist
“A couple months ago I hired Alan Melton. I came to him because I was unsure about staying in my business. As a result of the downturn in the construction industry my revenues had declined over the last three years by 70%. I had been forced to reduce my personal income and I was ready to get rid of my business. I didn’t see much growth going on; I felt like I was stuck in the mud. Now that I have been working with Alan for the last couple months, my whole mindset has changed. Our business is moving in the right direction. I am very optimistic about growth opportunities in this market. Alan is showing me ways to immediately improve my income, and how to grow my business. Now I am very excited about the future. I believe all businesses can benefit from his service.” 
Owner, Plumbing Co
“One of your ideas increased my income by $12,000. Your coaching process helped me with my vision to know what we were moving forward to. Involving my employees in the process and seeing the plan in writing was helpful to all of us. My employee morale improved and the process helped to confirm my direction of selling my business.” 
Owner, Pest Control Company
“As we began to work with you we were impressed with your values in the workplace. Your gift of gaining our trust helped you to quickly assess our situation. In the past we had not shared our business practices with others. We now realize that we had become lackadaisical; we were letting the issues of day-to-day life prevent our growth.

You have really taken the blinders off our eyes to see the potential of our business and now you are taking us there. We are thrilled that you achieved 84% growth and a profit increase in excess of $181,000 in 2012 since we started working with you in January. The Lord is using you as an instrument to help us realize our dreams. You impressed us because of your past experiences of growing businesses into success. You know what is necessary to take businesses to the next level. You got us out of neutral, waiting on business and now we are reaching for the stars.” 
Bus Sales and Service Co
“When I your home page I was blown away because the points in their message hit home with where I was in my life and business. I was experiencing owner burnout in my business and I wanted to dump my business. Alan Melton has a lot of insight on where I was because he has personally been there himself. He can really relate to me. I initially thought that the benefits that they offer were too good to be true. However during our first meeting I discovered that every possibility will come true. The plan that Alan developed is far beyond my expectations. Since we have been meeting weekly Alan’s coaching continues to blow me away with new ideas to grow my pipeline, market my business, and stay on target with my goals.”
Owner, Carpet Cleaning Service
“Alan Melton is my business coach, but more importantly, he is my personal Life coach. Whether he calls himself one or not, that is what Alan has become for me. He has offered “therapy” and amazing solutions for my Life and business, going forward!! Alan hears me and believes in me and my work, and he translates this into a methodical plan of action! He is leading me on a journey of self-discovery, and for the first time, I believe in ME!
Alan’s direction has been instrumental in re-organizing my Life AND my business. I am so excited about going forward and doing what God intended for me to do. I am excited about my business again. Alan gets to the very core of who you are – by making you think past your limitations and toward your dreams. Your dreams need to be the force that motivates your actions each day. Alan helped me take my scattered puzzle and orchestrate it into a beautiful picture of what lies ahead of me!” 
Owner, Creative Graphic Design Co
“I have worked with Alan with several of my business owner clients. Alan’s expertise with helping the business owner maximize their business and ultimately sell to another party is very valuable. Alan’s integrity and character show through in his efforts to serve his clients. I would recommend Alan and his services.” 
President, Financial Planning Co
“I feel very fortunate to have met Alan Melton. The timing could not have been better. My business had reached a point of growth in which I really needed some help pushing it forward. I had been actively seeking a mentor and business coach and there could not be a better fit than Alan. He was quickly able to access my current situation and provide a clear plan and direction. I immediately starting seeing results in both my business and overall quality of life. If you need help taking your business to the next level Alan is the one that can get you there.” 
CEO, Web Design and Marketing
“I work with the public daily, and what I see are a lot of confused people. We can often become disillusioned and lose our focus and drive in life. It’s easy to become frustrated and lose hope. I had. I went to Alan Melton for help. I needed to be able to sift through my information and the information around me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and with my career. Through a systematic process, Alan has been able to help me do just that.

Personally, I’ve seen a strong improvement in my day to day routine. Before working with Alan I struggled just putting my day together. I lost the ability to construct my day. This meant that many times my days were happening to me instead of me being the leader of my time. I use to have those abilities, but the many changes in my work environment caused problems in my regular work routine. Now I’ve become much more productive, I’m able to organize and work through my day, having a strong emphasis on my goals. I have a plan. I am working the plan. The day and its problems are not working me. My frustrations have been replaced with clear goals. I am already seeing results. I highly recommend the services Alan Melton provides. They have made a significant improvement to my life, my productivity and my ability to reach my long term goals. Thank you Alan, It is a pleasure working with you.” 
Insurance Agency Manager
“Mr. Alan Melton of Empire Business Brokers made a very large impact on my business. Although we have had a reputation for outstanding service and technical expertise since 1965, our business was having a difficult time making it through these hard economic times. In 2010 we incurred a bad debt of $174,000, which equals about 10% of our annual sales, and it caused me to explore possibly filing bankruptcy or reorganization of the company. At the beginning of 2011 I was beginning to lose hope in recovering from this large loss. We had many obstacles to overcome, low moral with our employees, non-existent cash flow, and inefficient business practices. I was working 80 hours per week and I told Alan that the number one thing I wanted was a date with my wife.

Alan first worked with me one-on-one, then met with me and my managers, and finally with all of the employees. Our cash flow has started to improve and continues to improve daily. After six months our profits had increased over $152,000, which annualized is over $300,000 per year! We have started paying off our accounts payable to our vendors. We have reorganized our office and improved our staff with Mr. Melton’s help. We are starting to achieve many of the actions in our action plan. I have a clearer vision of where we are going and what it takes to get us to the next level. With this clearer vision comes renewed hope. Most importantly, I am working less and have started taking my wife out on dates. I would like to thank Alan for seeing hope in me and my company, and helping us through this difficult time.” 
Insurance Agency Manager
“Recently I used you for a valuation on two of my companies. I found your service to be very professional and very thorough; you had good, thought provoking questions. Among other things, we discussed the markets we are located in, our industry, our inventory levels, and our revenue and profit growth. I believe you ‘shot straight’ with me on my company’s strengths and areas for improvement.” 
CEO, Retail Machines and Products
“Alan Melton has the uncanny talent of taking people’s skills and ability and shaping them to grow and develop in these increasingly changing economic times. Alan has had a profound impact on me and he will greatly benefit any start up entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to see their business grow and prosper. I experienced business growth. 
Owner, Transportation Company
“This Strategic Planning and Coaching session was very timely for our organization. You led us to address key issues and to create ideas and actions to resolve them. You prepared me in advance for the constructive criticism that would come from my employees. You were especially effective in drawing out ideas from my employees in my presence, who may have otherwise been intimidated and reluctant to volunteer constructive criticism. I would highly recommend you to other Presidents, CEO’s and Business Owners.” 
President, Manufacturing Company
“You were very helpful in guiding us with our business plan; you provided excellent coaching and feedback. We appreciated your business expertise. You were knowledgeable, fair and your character and integrity are rare in today’s business world.” 
Glenn and JoAnn,
Owners, Bed and Breakfast
“As new, prospective business owners located in the sunbelt, we had general ideas about what we wanted to do but had no idea how to approach the beginning processes associated with business purchase and ownership. We sought and found in Alan Melton excellent counsel based on his own business experience as well as the ability to network through him and meet other professionals that have helped us a great deal in the pursuit of our business venture.” 
Donna and Eric,
Owners, Restaurant
“Approximately fifteen years ago I met Alan Melton. Prior to meeting Alan, I was aware that he was a respected Christian owner of a highly successful business in my hometown in the sunbelt. In our first meeting, I approached Alan’s company and they gladly provided financial resources and services for an event that benefited health care services for the homeless. In fact, Alan later provided a conference room in his business for regular meetings of a group of business men.

From that point forward a strong relationship developed between Alan and me. Having common threads in our business and family life, we have fellowshipped regularly for the last fifteen years, and I have come to appreciate him both as a trusted friend and a valuable mentor.

Over these last few years Alan has aided me in my professional life as a business coach and mentor. He was helpful to me as I began to consider selling a chiropractic practice of 25 years. His counsel was particularly helpful in the area of preparing my business for sale, establishing a value for my company, and successfully negotiating with business buyers. Experienced advice, business valuation, and confidentiality are reasons that I value Alan Melton.” 

Lee, Co-Owner, Chiropractic Clinics
“I just wanted to thank you for the time you invested in me. As a small business owner, I sometimes made decisions with no seemingly logical or “goal driven” reason. Sometimes ending in success, sometimes not! At times I think it was just my entrepreneurial drive and spirit that keep me going. You have shown me the specifics to having a distinct plan and destination. And to formulate a specific plan to reach those goals. No more just “winging-it”. My business, time, and life are too valuable to let emotion, crisis or competition have control over my destination. I am following some of your suggestions, even though they did not always seem “do-able” and I am very encouraged by the results. And your laser focus marketing ideas have increased my retail customer base by 17%. No more “shotgun” approach. It feels great to have a plan and to know that it is realistic and attainable.” 
President, Printing Co
“Thanks for all the help that you have given me. The practical advice and business-savvy ideas you have given me have added dollars to my bottom line, and will stay with me as a successful business person. The ability to stay focused on your goals and the way to develop them was information that I was able to use right away.” 
President, Motorcycle Sales and Service
“Although we operated a successful operation in New England, we came away with some of the industry’s best practices. My heartfelt thanks are to you for helping us to become a better company. There are businesses out there that could benefit from your roadmap to success and how they too can get there.” With high regards, 
President/CEO, Limousine Service
“Alan Melton helped me to see my company in a new light. His point about the difference between a business owner and someone who is self employed was a new idea to me. I plan to prepare my business for sale, and one of my priorities is to become less involved in the details, and more involved in God’s will!” 
CEO, Airplane Parts S
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your input into my business. I consulted with you in February of this year in severe distress regarding the condition of my business. The future looked bleak. You provided me with an assessment of my status, gave me concrete recommendations for changing course and personal follow-up necessary to see me through the rough times. You did not pull any punches, and indeed this course has been a hard road. But we closed an office that was bleeding resources and concentrated on the location most likely to succeed. It is not over yet, but the information that you provided allowed me a vantage point that I had not previously observed. Just knowing that my struggle was not unique gave me some reassurance. Thank you again for your commitment to prayer and support of my situation through your expertise in analysis and advice. The prognosis for my business is improved as the result of your involvement.” 
President, Physical Therapy