Our Business Broker Team

Dwyte Hoffman, CBB. Although most all of Dwyte’s experience has been in the manufacturing market, he has proven that the principles governing the operation of a successful business apply to any business, whether it’s manufacturing, service, sales, high tech, etc.His business ownership experience includes being a co-owner of a manufacturing firm and owner of his own consulting company. Dwyte’s analytical and problem solving skills have also been applied in a position as Executive Business Analyst for an international management consulting firm. His experience and skills have been applied to a variety of businesses ranging from a livestock auction business in Nebraska to a high end golf and country club on Long Island, N.Y.

Dwyte brings with him his creative, analytical problem solving skills that were honed in his Mechanical Engineering career. Having worked his way up from Design Engineer to Engineering Project Manager, Dwyte made a career shift into industrial sales, primarily in automation, fluid power, and safety and ergonomics. In sales, Mr. Hoffman worked his way up from Territory Manager for a manufacturers rep organization to North American Sales Manager for an Italian manufacturer.

Dwyte has been married to Janet, his high school sweetheart, for almost 40 years. They have two daughters and two grandchildren. Dwyte and Janet are actively involved in the Greenville First Church of the Nazarene, among other things, leading a small group discipling class of young marrieds.
Dwyte Hoffman
Alan Melton, CBI, CBB, FBA co-founded and served as CEO of a leading small company before selling the business to a publicly held company. During that time he led the company to grow from 2 employees to 130 employees. The company was listed in several national and local publications as one of the fastest growing privately held companies. Prior to selling the company, Alan was recognized by the President of the United States as the SBA’s Small Business Person of the Year. His company was the recipient of the coveted Florida Sterling Governor’s Award for organizational performance excellence; joining a distinguished list of large recipients such as Merrill Lynch, the Ritz-Carlton, and Honeywell.

In 2004, Alan founded Empire Business Brokers, LLC to help both business sellers and buyers transition into lifestyles that meet their goals, dreams and aspirations. Alan and his team provide confidential buying and selling assistance. Recently they helped a business buyer secure financing of 132% of the sale price. They understand how to help you prepare your small or middle market company for sale and how to move through the selling process while remaining focused on your business. Alan is a Certified Business Intermediary.

Alan has started and led ten companies, and he has decades of experience in business management. Presently he serves as founder and partner of two growing businesses, three real estate investment companies and a ministry. The author of Small Business Solutions, Alan has a passion for business coaching, marketing strategies, business growth and increasing cash flow for business owners.

Alan attended Thomas Edison State University and Jacksonville University, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is a Certified Business Intermediary and a Certified Family Business Advisor. Alan mentored juvenile delinquents for 15 years and has presided over national and local boards and committees.
Alan Melton,

“Recently I purchased a business with the help of Alan Melton with Empire Business Brokers. I thought his work was excellent. He did a good job of prequalifying buyers prior to conveying confidential information about the business. During the buying process Alan did a fantastic job of conveying information from the business owner to me. He was very good at responding to me promptly with information that accurately represented the business. But later when it was clear that the transaction was going to happen, he allowed us to communicate directly which gave me a greater comfort level in buying the business. When we faced obstacles with the bank, with one of the seller’s customers and with the attorneys Alan was able to keep the process moving forward. I would highly recommend Alan to anyone who wants to buy or sell a business.”

Scott Campell,

President, Edwards Piping

“I recently purchased a business with the assistance of Alan Melton of Empire Business Brokers, LLC. Alan was responsive and customer service focused as well as knowledgeable of the selling process. The information that was provided to me was a fair representation of the business that I purchased. In an effort to overcome a buyer/seller impasse, Alan was open-minded to creative thinking and was solution oriented. He stayed involved and active in the entire process until the transaction was consummated. I recommend Alan as a resource for business buyers and sellers.” 


Adam Shirley,

President, Legal Eagle

“I wanted to share with you that Alan Melton assisted my wife and I in achieving our lifelong dream of owning our own business. We began to work with Alan and his team when we felt that the Lord was leading us to own our own business. They were very instrumental by making our dream their own. Through numerous obstacles, they persevered and now we are the owners of our own business. I would not only recommend Alan and his team but I would add that if in the future I was to seek out another acquisition I would not hesitate in reaching out to him once again for assistance. He is a man of high integrity and excellent work ethic.” 



President and CEO, Medical Research Clinic

“The agents at Empire Business Brokers honestly and accurately presented the business that we purchased. Since the purchase price was more than one million dollars, we were happy that Craig provided the information that we needed, but he never pressured us to move forward. Although Empire was representing the seller, we were comfortable discussing sensitive issues. You don’t find that very often in today’s business world. The biggest thing I think was they always try to do the right thing; they are knowledgeable, fair, and have character and integrity.”


JoAnn and Glenn,

New Owners, Magnolia Manor

“”As a buyer of a Pest Control Company I had a very good experience with Alan Melton of Empire Business Brokers. They provide a good quality service; I didn’t worry about things not being done. Their communication was timely, and although this transaction was small, Alan was always interested and involved. During the negotiations Alan was able to mitigate problems being escalated and to provide solutions and which kept my stress levels down. There was no embellishment of the information being provided; I was confident in the representations of the business I was buying.”

Ben Downard,

President, Action Pest Services

“”When we contacted your broker with Empire, he introduced us to the process and to several businesses for sale. He was very professional and straightforward. The transaction was handled with care; we were provided the information that we needed and he allowed us to make an independent decision. Craig kept in touch with us throughout the transaction. All of the important factors were addressed in the contract. Empire put their best foot forward throughout the transaction; very nice job!” 


David L,

New Owner, Cafeteria

“As new, prospective business owners located in the sunbelt, we had general ideas about what we wanted to do but had no idea how to approach the beginning processes associated with business purchase and ownership. We sought and found in Alan Melton at Small Business Coach & Associates excellent counsel based on his own business experience as well as the ability to network through him and meet other professionals that have helped us a great deal in the pursuit of our business venture.” 


Donna and Eric,

Owners, Restaurant

“Thank you for a professional job. We had been looking for a business for over a year and a half. Most of the businesses we looked at with other brokers were overpriced. We had looked at everything from franchises to new start ups and existing businesses. Craig Reimer was knowledgeable about the businesses that you represent. You valued the business correctly and marketed it attractively.”

Alan and Vasilka,

New Owners, Art Gallery and Frame Shop

“”It was recently my pleasure to work with Alan and the Empire staff in a business acquisition. Thanks to their professionalism and hard work, our purchase was streamlined to meet the needs of both parties and the transaction process went very smoothly. I am very satisfied with the results and look forward to future opportunities to work with Alan in expanding our business.”


J. V.,

Managing Member, Property Partnership, LLC

“Thank you for helping me to purchase my practice. Your coach introduced me to new thoughts and ideas, and held me accountable to my plans. I liked the goals, vision and mission statement homework- it helped me to focus. I would highly recommend this coach to my peers; he was personable, and his approach was organized and targeted.” 


Professional Practice Buyer

“I work with the public daily, and what I see are a lot of confused people. We can often become disillusioned and lose our focus and drive in life. It’s easy to become frustrated and lose hope. I had. I went to Alan Melton for help. I needed to be able to sift through my information and the information around me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and with my career. Through a systematic process, Alan has been able to help me do just that.

Personally I’ve seen a strong improvement in my day to day routine. Before working with Alan I struggled just putting my day together. I lost the ability to construct my day. This meant that many times my days were happening to me instead of me being the leader of my time. I use to have those abilities, but the many changes in my work environment caused problems in my regular work routine. Now I’ve become much more productive, I’m able to organize and work through my day, having a strong emphasis on my goals. I have a plan. I am working the plan. The day and its problems are not working me. My frustrations have been replaced with clear goals. I am already seeing results. I highly recommend the services Alan Melton provides. They have made a significant improvement to my life, my productivity and my ability to reach my long term goals. Thank you Alan, It is a pleasure working with you.” 


Insurance Agency Manager

“Approximately fifteen years ago I met Alan Melton. Prior to meeting Alan, I was aware that he was a respected Christian owner of a highly successful business in my hometown in the sunbelt. In our first meeting, I approached Alan’s company and they gladly provided financial resources and services for an event that benefited health care services for the homeless. In fact, Alan later provided a conference room in his business for regular meetings of a group of business men.

From that point forward a strong relationship developed between Alan and me. Having common threads in our business and family life, we have fellowshipped regularly for the last fifteen years, and I have come to appreciate him both as a trusted friend and a valuable mentor.

Over these last few years Alan has aided me in my professional life as a business coach and mentor. He was helpful to me as I began to consider selling a chiropractic practice of 25 years. His counsel was particularly helpful in the area of preparing my business for sale, establishing a value for my company, and successfully negotiating with business buyers. Experienced advice, business valuation, and confidentiality are reasons that I value Alan Melton.” 


Lee, Co-Owner, Chiropractic Clinics

“I just wanted to thank you for the time you invested in me. As a small business owner, I sometimes made decisions with no seemingly logical or “goal driven” reason. Sometimes ending in success, sometimes not! At times I think it was just my entrepreneurial drive and spirit that keep me going. You have shown me the specifics to having a distinct plan and destination. And to formulate a specific plan to reach those goals. No more just “winging-it”. My business, time, and life are too valuable to let emotion, crisis or competition have control over my destination. I am following some of your suggestions, even though they did not always seem “do-able” and I am very encouraged by the results. And your laser focus marketing ideas have increased my retail customer base by 17%. No more “shotgun” approach. It feels great to have a plan and to know that it is realistic and attainable.” 



President, Printing Co

“Thanks for all the help that you have given me. The practical advice and business-savvy ideas you have given me have added dollars to my bottom line, and will stay with me as a successful business person. The ability to stay focused on your goals and the way to develop them was information that I was able to use right away.” 


President, Motorcycle Sales and Service

“Although we operated a successful operation in New England, we came away with some of the industry’s best practices. My heartfelt thanks are to you for helping us to become a better company. There are businesses out there that could benefit from your roadmap to success and how they too can get there.” With high regards, 



President/CEO, Limousine Service

“Alan Melton helped me to see my company in a new light. His point about the difference between a business owner and someone who is self employed was a new idea to me. I plan to prepare my business for sale, and one of my priorities is to become less involved in the details, and more involved in God’s will!” 



CEO, Airplane Parts S

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your input into my business. I consulted with you in February of this year in severe distress regarding the condition of my business. The future looked bleak. You provided me with an assessment of my status, gave me concrete recommendations for changing course and personal follow-up necessary to see me through the rough times. You did not pull any punches, and indeed this course has been a hard road. But we closed an office that was bleeding resources and concentrated on the location most likely to succeed. It is not over yet, but the information that you provided allowed me a vantage point that I had not previously observed. Just knowing that my struggle was not unique gave me some reassurance. Thank you again for your commitment to prayer and support of my situation through your expertise in analysis and advice. The prognosis for my business is improved as the result of your involvement.” 


President, Physical Therapy