Seminars And Workshop


Here are some reviews from our clients and associates

“Alan, over the past 35 years through my involvement with The Executive Committee and the chamber of commerce, I have seen literally thousands of resource speakers. You are one of the best! Your presentation is heart warming, deep and thought provoking. Your message of open book management, and preparing your business for sale is needed among CEO’s today. I highly recommend you to business groups.”
“I really enjoyed your presentation. I have tried to incorporate some of the things you spoke of to help my husbands business and a lot has seemed to change. Some things I thought for sure would not work turned out to be the best things that has happened. A lot of things have changed for the better. I will pray for your continued success in your speeches and your life and hope that someone follows my footsteps and walks away like I did with a lot more knowledge and an understanding that they are not alone in the business the Lord is there also. You are a very good speaker and you were able to keep me on the edge of my seat; so many others are not able to achieve this. Respectfully yours, ” 
Melissa Ivy-Kuespert
“Alan is a great motivational speaker as well as a coach for small businesses. He was our speaker at a monthly chamber of commerce luncheon and was received well. I have enjoyed knowing Alan and respect him for his knowledge and values. His on developing a life and a business plan was inspiring. We can learn much from your message.”
Kent Dykes
President, Chamber of Commerce
“It was a true pleasure to have Mr. Alan Melton as a guest speaker in various Management classes of mine at the University of Phoenix. The students were awe struck with his knowledge of business. Mr. Melton is a polished speaker, fielding questions with ease and making each student feel as if what they have to say or the question they ask is valuable and pertinent to the topic at hand. His testimony alone makes for a wonderful witness to all business persons wanting to succeed in industry today. You merely need to know where to find the material. Mr. Melton excels at mapping the route. I would not hesitate to give Alan my highest recommendation. He gives a much needed, refreshing twist to management principles and their employment.” 
Kristin Doolin,
BS, MBA, Faculty, University
“I now see my company with new eyes. I’m inspired to focus on the vision God has for my company. I want to move from self-employment to business ownership.”
Victor Schultz,
Owner, Tour Company
“It’s obvious to see what God has done in Alan’s life. His perspective on business is refreshing to a person concerned with building their business.” 
Russell O’Dell,
President, Warehouse Management
“When I heard Alan Melton present a program, I was so impressed by his knowledge and emphasis on business ethics, that I invited him to speak to our Executive Roundtable, a weekly forum for our clients in career transition, many of whom aspire to be business owners. I was equally impressed by his presentation to our group. It is clear that Alan is interested in coaching business owners to their best solution. He is also a wealth of information for those who believe they would like to be entrepreneurs and assists them in discovering whether that is an appropriate path for them.”
Ann Golden,
Co-Owner, Career Strategies
Alan and his partners did a great job with our business valuation topic. They were very informative and the material was definitely timely and thought provoking. They were very professional and knowledgeable.
Jon Lopez,
President, Business Services
This seminar is a MUST for ANY small business owner. This is one of the few seminars that I can say “is a wake-up call for the small business owner to NOT LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE!” 
Jim McClain,
President, Business Consultant
“I greatly enjoyed your presentation to my Rotary Club last week; you gave an interesting and thought-provoking presentation. In my search for a new career, it dawned on me that purchasing a business would be both rewarding and challenging. It is easily seen that the best way to sell a business is to keep growing that business, a sound principle in many ways. After all, if you are not moving ahead, you really are falling behind, especially in the fast pace of the global economy. This is a message that every public or private manager should take to heart. ” 
Stan Reid,
MD, Financial Advisor
“Alan Melton’s message is very practical and powerful! I plan to prepare my business for sale for purposes other than its sale! I recommend this speaker to any business owner.” 
CEO, Cold Storage Business
“The feedback from the group yesterday has been amazing. I had two people who have been to PNC meetings but never considered joining that are insistent in being a part of this group. One has contacted 5 of her business friends setting the next meeting date as a must for them to visit. A major part of her decision was your delivery. You answered questions for her that neither the SBA nor anyone else had given her. Thank you so much for your great research, your powerful delivery and your transparency.”
Kay A. Martin,
Director, Networking Organization
“I attended your Maximize Your Business Value Workshop and it was great; on a scale of 1-10, I give you a score of 10! I really learned a lot; thanks.” 
President, Airplane Brokerage
“Your workshop Maximize Your Business Value really opened my eyes to greater possibilities. Thank you for the information!” 
Pam, President,
Manufacturing Company
“Common sense approach presented with confidence and enthusiasm. This helps to determine value from a buyers perspective and not only your own point of view.”
Restaurant Owner
“From hearing Alan speak on a number of occasions and in different venues … and from private conversations … I find him to be a highly ethical, confident and energetic professional. He has an expansive knowledge of business and unselfishly shares his expertise with others. I confidently recommend him as speaker, consultant or business coach.”
Don Crews,
President, Electronic Payment Services
“I want to express my appreciation for organizing and presenting the recent meetings in Jacksonville, Florida regarding multiple business issues revolving around customer service. The meetings were well organized and thought provoking, as well as very insightful, informative, and innovative. Your informative presentations were very well prepared, and will aid me with future dealings at the business and personal levels. Your sincere candor and your ability to reach attendees through your presentations were very apparent by the interaction of the groups. I look forward to attending more of your future meetings and seminars.” 
John Milton,
Vice President, Pest Control Co
“I have had the pleasure of hearing Alan Melton speak on several occasions. He is a terrific speaker and really knows how to keep his audience engaged. His topics are always relevant to what is going on in the business world and one always leaves with fresh ideas on how to make his/her business better. It is obvious that Alan really knows and loves what he does and is very happy to share what he has learned along the way. It would be an honor to have him back to speak again anytime.” 
Janet Goolsby Helling,
Area Manager, Networking Organization
“Very real; I felt close to the story. Alan Melton was very good and concise”. 
Brian Behnken,
CEO, Sales Company